CREDIT REPAIR Testimonials

Sight Capital Consulting is my One Stop Shop, for all things financial and forward moving. Their staff is always focused on results and securing the needs/request of the client. They've been consistently dependable, no matter the time of year or life. I've benefited from their effectiveness and knowledge during income tax return seasons, credit evaluations/improvements for the purchase of a home, or asking investment questions. Sight Capital Consulting has always been easily accessible and readily available, simplifying and making every process easy to understand and execute. They have been a very patiently and customer service oriented asset for my family and I.

LaFaye Thomas

Fort Worth, TX

This company is super reliable and professional. They are very knowledgeable and the best at what they do. I have been entrusting this company for the last 4 years with my credit profile and taxes and they always take care of me. No one else can come close to the quality work they put out. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend them. You won't regret it.

Leah E.

Fort Worth, TX

If you haven't worked on your credit please get with Tamara Starks, she fixed mine over a year ago. She's Excellent! Since I've gotten approved for 5 credit cards and my motorcycle. I've maintained a 700 since!

J. Holloway

Fort Worth, TX

Happy Holiday's to you all! I wanted to share my good news. I applied for a Navy Federal Cash Reward Card Signature Credit Card Today. I was approved $15,000 on the spot. I added my husband, as an authorized user to the credit line. He will have his own card and this will boost his credit as well. We want to specially thanks Tamara Starks and her team because they have been working very hard on both of our credits and I can see the hard work is paying off.

D. Oubre-Murrell

Dallas, TX

Oh My God! I just wanted to let you know my credit Equifax score has Increased by 128 Points!!! I am loving the results! Thank you so much!

C. Collins

Atlanta, GA

Hey Tamara, How are you? I wanted to share great news my Experiam Credit Report changed today, it dropped from have 12 negative accounts to having 4, but Equifax and Transunion still shows 12 open and 8 negative. I am patient and is trusting the process! I just want you to know what I have noticed and thank you for what you are doing!

G. Bentley

Euless, TX


If you want professionalism this is the place!

Gee Q.

Arlington, TX

Your business vision party at your venue inspired me to start and open my own school! If people would actually act on their vision they will succeed. Tamara you are one in a few that truly encourages our community. Love you for that! Thanks a bunch!

R. Arterberry

Arlington, TX